Monday, July 2, 2007

au canada...(jackson-triggs 2003)

canada, why are you such a quiet nation?
you may not do much, you may not say much,
but some of what you say and do...
canadians are funny.
they produce wonderful maple products that pair well with their fabulous bacon products.
they endure harsh winters producing some of the greatest grapes imaginable which they use brilliantly to make paradise in a bottle...

tonight we savoured a bottle of jackson-triggs proprietors reserve vidal icewine 2003.
this was an amazingly well balanced wine.
thick and smoothe, subtle and creamy.
bursting with mango, apricot, dried apricot, golden raisin and a hint of vanilla.
this wine stands well alone but i would love to have paired it with a yummy extra creamy, slightly warm creme brulee-not too sweet-heavy on the vanilla.
the cream, the texture and the vanilla would really set this off.

we picked it up at costco for $15.99, 187ml bottle, well worth it.

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