Sunday, June 24, 2007

chateau ferrande graves 2003

this will not be the lengthiest of reviews.
this bordeaux had quite possibly the loveliest bouquet.
my nose was in heaven, my mouth anxious...
the glass was full of juicy, luscious berries with an elegant floral hint.

the taste was quite different.
it started fruity, earthy, leathery, but had a very dry middle.
i believe it would have benefited greatly from some airing...
to me, this wine lacked a smoothe balance, it wasnt a bad wine.
but, i believe there are better.
it is, in my opinion, hard to go wrong with a bordeaux, what i did learn from this tasting night was as far as this selection went, there were no "bad" bordeauxs, just "better".

should you need a good red for a smokey, meaty or strong cheese occasion, grab a bordeaux.

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sandra said...

How much did you pay for it? I just bought the 2002, haven't opened it yet. I paid 15.95