Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Winemaker Comments

Consistently recognized for its outstanding quality, the previous 2004
vintage offering of this wine was awarded a Best of Class of Region Gold
Medal at the 2006 California State Fair Wine Competition, and Wine
Enthusiast Magazine commented eloquently on our 2003 vintage of
this wine as follows: “It’s time to admit this wine into the elite of California
dessert sippers. It’s always dependably rewarding in apricot, wild honey and vanilla flavors, unctuously sweet, and well-balanced in acids.”
And later, “Paso Robles is making a play for the most congenial home for
sweet Muscat...” more


shanon marie said...

i love this wine.
it is lush, thick, sweet, fruity...
honey drenched summer in a bottle.
peach, apricot, honey and vanilla.
i would love to pair this with a not too sweet macaroon, for some reason, i am craving coconut with this...tears of dew is to die for.

Marius said...

I like this wine too, but the only thing that I have to add is the after taste is slightly bitter. I get an orange peel/marmalade taste, which I do not really care about (I know many people do). Now it sounds like I don't like it :). Going to get a new bottle anyways. You can get it at Costco for 14.95

Dr. Debs said...

Wish it was at my Costco! I'd buy it for sure after Shanon's review.

MichelleSchnittjer said...

Love, love, love this wine. Ah, Paso Wine Fest. I used to get double & triple pours of this one. I prefer it ice cold.