Sunday, March 18, 2007

Calendar ...

After Marius found that SF wine event pretty late in the game, I thought it might be helpful to have a public calendar for this group where we could list wine related events. I created a google calendar (sorry Jim - we can switch to Yahoo! calendars if it ever gets any better) and everyone should be able to see it here
Vino Club Calendar

You have to have a gmail account and google calendars in order to be able to make changes in it. If you are interested in doing that send me your gmail address so I can give you access - mine is dawnmg .

Marius - in the settings area there is a way to feed the calendar right into a page so maybe you can just get it published onto the side of the blog or something?

I've posted a few things to get us started. K&L wines seems to have lots of great tasting events. There is one right near mine & Michelle's work - fun! There is one in Redwood City too for Marius & Shannon.

Their March Newsletter has a nice section on Bordeaux. I'll probably buy one of these for our next meeting: K&L Wine Merchants March Newsletter (PDF file)


Marius said...

I just visited K&L today in my hunt for Grand Cru Bordeaux, they do have a very nice selection of good/great Bordeaux wines. I narrowed the filed to two wines.
1. 2004 Chateau Lascombes (Margaux) 45.00 at K&L.
2. 2003 Chateau Ferrière (Margaux) 30.00 at BevMo.
In the end I chose the Chateau Ferrière because the Chateau has a nice story. I will blog about it later this week.

Marius said...

Calender up and running.

dawn said...

you are quick!