Saturday, March 31, 2007

2003 Castle Vineyards Pinot Noir 'Durell Vineyards'

The other night I had a friend over to watch some "NCAA March Madness" action. So since I did not have any beer, I opened a bottle of '2003 Castle Vineyards Pinot Noir Los Carneros' the grapes for this wine are from the Durell Vineyards. On the nose it was sweet berries and black peppers. As you take your first taste of the wine you have all the berries flavors upfront, strawberry and cherry particularly strong. As you start to drink it, the taste changes to dark chocolate and spices. The tannins are soft but clearly present and they are offsetting the acidity of the wine. Nice finish.

I bought this wine as part of a wine.woot offering for $14 .

marius rating: 91


dawn said...

ohhh, i'll have to try that for sure!
it looks/sounds familiar though. did we try some or talk about it recently?

Marius said...

Well I did blog about a similar bottle in February. It was also a Castle Pino, but it was from a different vineyard.
Also when took the trip to Sonoma, there is a big billboard advertising the Castle winery, maybe I pointed it out while we were driving.

Anonymous said...

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