Friday, February 2, 2007

2003 Castle Vineyards Pinot Noir Los Carneros

Bought this wine on and happy I did. Very nice Wine.
The color of this wine is dark ruby with a heavy fruit noise. Lots of strawberry jam, clear vanilla and oak and hints of rose. Soft tannens makes this wine feel lighter then I would have expected. I had this wine with a roasted chicken and it turned out to be a great paring. Had to go 88 because the finish was to short.
Marius' Rating: 88
Cost: 14$

well...first pinot i would willingly and gladly drink again-with food.
delicate subtle strawberry, definite hints of choco and coffee, vanilla and oak.
what i dont care for which is typical pinot is the high acidity and overwhelming pepper.
to me, pinots dont seem full bodied enough to carry these forces.
Shannons Rating: 87

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